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Remembering the history of Cane Hill Hospital

2- History

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Cane Hill had a long and interesting history. Articles relating to the history of the hospital are collected here.

Key dates

1875 – Surrey Justices plan a new Asylum
1883 – Cane Hill opens as the Third Surrey Pauper Lunatic Asylum
1888 – Cane Hill’s rear extensions are completed, taking capacity to 2,300
1889 – Cane Hill becomes under the control of London County Council.
1915 – The First Superintendent, Sir James Moody, dies aged 62. He is buried at Cane Hill
1948 – The NHS is set up, and Cane Hill becomes under it’s control.
1949 – Alexander Walk appointed as Superintendent
1953 – Cane Hill’s population peaks at 2,400
1961 – Health Minister Enoch Powell calls for the gradual closure of the Asylums.
1962 – Alexander Walk retires
1963 – Cane Hill’s population decreases to 1600 following the closure of wards at the rear of the site.
1985 – New admissions cease at Cane Hill. These are instead sent to the Maudsley or St Francis’
1987 – SASS Unit opens (Secure Unit)
1992 – Cane Hill closes
2002- Various arson attacks destroy the Main Hall and C and V blocks.
2008 – SASS Unit closes. Demolition of buildings commences in July

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  1. My mother and her two sisters worked at Cane Hill
    Asylum in late l920 early 1930s`.
    Their surname was Dee and I remember a few tales
    my mother Joan or Johanna Dee told me including one
    where she was held with a scissors at her throat!
    Someone came to her aid and she was not hurt thank
    goodness. Her sisters were Bridget and Hanora/Nora
    Dee. I believe a cousin of mine has a photograph of
    Bridget standing with a patient.

    Joan Lawrence

    29 Aug 14 at 8:28 am

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