Demolition commenced in July 2008, following an unsuccessful attempt to get Cane Hill listed. The Water Tower, Administration block and Chapel were to be retained and eventually restored, although there are no timescales on this at present.

Squibb and Davies won the £7.5 Million contract, and claim the demolition would be completed by December 2009

They started at the rear of the site, demolishing the Mortuary, Laundry and service buildings towards the centre of the site. They followed this up with removing the shorter male wards, then the female. Finally, the larger ward blocks were removed, with Wren/Wesley on the Male side being the final block to go.

Large amounts of items were salvaged, including the mortuary slabs, roof slate and bricks, in addition to various other goods such as vintage telephones, windowframes and non-confidential paperwork

Please see below for images from demolition.

Demolition starts at the rear. The bricks stacked up are from the mortuary

demo4Asbestos clearing trailer

The base of the tower is sealed.

The wards in the centre of the male side come down

Work on the female side advances

The airing court between H and K blocks is cleared

Mapother ward is demolished

The Concrete walkway shows where the corridor was previously

‘A’ Block is separated and prepared for demolition

Wren in July 2009

Admin and the Chapel, August 2009

16 thoughts on “Demolition”

  1. What is actually left of the building then…its a shame they are demolishing a classic building >:(

  2. Hi (is it Ali?)

    What a fantastic website! Absolutely wonderful. I had the chance to visit West Park Asylum back in November and got to say goodbye to this place as it was only 10 mins away. I have given over a section of the website to West Park and Cane Hill has it’s own page, more as a tribute than anything else because I only got to hear about it after demolition started, which is a bit sad. I would love to put a link to this site from my website on the Cane Hill page, but only on your sayso. Please give me a shout via e-mail and I will pen it in.

    Thanks again for a very vivid and sensitive trip to Cane Hill, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Best Wishes,

    Loz aka ghost-of :o)

  3. This is awful 🙁

    I had planned for over a year to go there. I finally get around to it, and i see this.

  4. awesome website to who ever made this is my idol
    i love abandoned buildings and i came across cane hill on night on the net best thing i found on the net.
    i think they should keep the chapel and admin block adleast turn it into a museum or somthing to symobolise the hospital we had an old hospital here in wellington newzealand and they just wanted it gone. in which i was fuming over so i sujested to the health board they make a memorim wall in the new hospital they so happened to build. so that happened so happy about that. im a ranter lol but all i have to say is awesome kick ass page mate love it lots photos are the bomb

  5. Thanks Tim. Sadly the Admin block was burnt down yesterday, most likely a convenient way to get rid of it so money doesn’t have to be spent to develop it.

  6. Demolition started mid 2008 and by the end of 2009, it was mostly gone. Hopefully this site can show you what it was like.

  7. Hi Ali,
    thanks for a great site / info.
    I started my training there in June 1985.
    I had such a great time there.
    Please let me know if any of it is still there.
    Can i still visit ?

  8. Hi Paul, almost all of the site is demolished now, just the water tower and the chapel remain. The admin block is burnt down and will most likely be demolished. Everything else was bulldozed between 2008 and 2010.

  9. This is a great website. I have been absolutely fascinated by Cane Hill since I moved to Croydon five years ago.
    Has a masterplan been developed for the site following the consultation period back in December 2007?
    I was deeply dissappointed to see what’s left of the administration building following the fire in November 2010. I assume that building could be salvaged.
    Would it be possible to add a section about the future for the site on the website?

  10. Hi Richard, thanks for your kind comments.

    I’m not aware of any agreed plan but several options have been touted. I’ll do a little more research and see what I can dig out, and then see what I can put online about the future of the site.

  11. Hi Ali,
    Happy New Year.
    Has anything happened on site recently.
    I still feel the need to visit, as a form of closure.
    I’ve tried to get onto ; but it asks for login details. Any ideas ?

  12. Hi Paul, Happy New Year. I’m not aware of any changes to the site since I last visited mid-2011, after the fire in the Admin Block. I don’t know why the website isn’t working, I’ll speak to the hosting company and see.

    I’d reccommend visiting the site again – it’s odd as the physical geography is all the same, but the buildings are mostly gone – it’s quite odd walking around the site when everything familiar has gone.

  13. Does any one know what happened to the bell above the administration Block? I wonder whether it was ever rung to signal the escape of a lunatic or just rung out the time for those outside?

  14. Hi Ali.
    Following on from my message on the 25th June 2011 with regards to the future of the Cane Hill site I remember their was a public consultation exercise last year.
    A masterplan is being developed after several architects practices bid including a practice I work for. Sadly it might end up like Netherne. I’d rather it be left as a parkland with some business units at the bottom of the driveway which would help the local economy!

  15. To be fair to Netherne, it’s conversion has been sympathetic to the exterior of the buildings, and a sizeable amount of the original complex has been kept. From speaking to residents, the quality of finish inside the buildings is poor and that’s what lets it down – as well as all the soulless new-builds!

    I’d like to see the admin block at Cane Hill restored to a certain degree, and the chapel and Water tower preserved, although I guess that this is unlikely given the damage. It wouldn’t surprise me if they pulled the Isolation Hospital/secure unit down too. There’s going to be infrastructural issues with the development, especially on the Portnalls Road side as traffic coming from the site will cause havoc on what is currently a quiet lane – from what I recall, this was one reason that things didn’t move sooner, as well as arguments about only building on the original footprint of the site.

  16. Hi Ali, am thinking of visiting what’s left of Cane Hill having sadly missed it in its prime : ( I remember driving to Coulsden with friends trying to find it a few years back but not succeeding, now knowing we were literally next to it!! : / This was before I was properly involved in exploring and was just a curious teen (probably the best time exploring, I had done St Ebbas and WP many a time, living in Epsom) Anyway am just wondering what is left of CH besides the watertower, chapel and part of admin/block next to it? I have looked at maps and a report or two of other smaller outer buildings/blocks/houses dotted around the grounds, do these still exist? I am hoping to cover and document any remaining scrap of CH as I sadly missed it in its hayday. Any help greatly appreciated : )

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