If you would like to get in contact with former colleagues at Cane Hill, please feel free to leave a request here using the comment section.

If you have memories to share, I am always interested in hearing them and would love to publish additional stories and photographs on the ‘Cane Hill Memories” section of the website.

My email address is if you wish to make contact.


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  1. I looked at lots of letters from ex staff from Cane Hill about a week ago (I also worked there for about 5 years) but now I cannot find this page. I added a comment myself. I have found all this literature about Cane Hill so interesting and have some happy memories of working there. I hope you can help. I am also interested in the book The hospital on the hill but understand it is now out print. I don’t know if you would know where one could be obtained. Thank you.

  2. Help ! i have been trying for some time to find out about my uncle,SIDNEY JONES who was placed in cane hill when my grandmother died, and for as a child this was a taboo subject in the family although i remember him as a loving and caring uncle.i should think he was born around 1918 and placed there aproxx 50 years ago.although he must have passed away some time ago it would still be a relief to know the facts. he was placed their by my father his brother. i hope i may be put in the right direction for information THANK YOU

  3. My Grandmother Guiseppina Paolillo-ne Esposito died 1946 at Cane Hill.I have her Death Cert (Registration District-Surrey mid-eastern. Sub District Beddington & Coulsdon County of Surrey) signed by what looks like a-G A LILLY-States Chief Resident Officer. The Hospital Croydon. Who is he? When was she admitted? Why?, What ward? Did she have visitors? who? It seems her remains were buried in Hospital Grounds. Then exhumed & cremated or??? Would love any info.

  4. Hello,

    my mother , today, told me that her mother had been a nurse at cane Hill Hospitl, more than likely in the mid-to-late 1920’s. To anyone’s knowledge here, is there an existing list of employees of the hospital that you are aware of?

    any help or ideas would be appreciated…. thanks,

    Ray Egan

  5. Hello, what a brilliant site this is.
    I am trying to find some information about my father’s brother who apparently was in the hospital for a number of years, possibly decades for all I know – I think he died about 1997 & his name was Charles North. My father pretended he didn’t have this brother it was only when he died and his sister visited we found out he had existed and it was too late then. I’m interested in the hospital and why he might have been in there – was it for seriously ill people or for people who just ‘couldn’t cope’ and needed looking after? What kind of conditions did they treat and how did they treat them? Thank you to anyone who can give me some information.

  6. Hi Lucy, thanks for the feedback. The main hospital closed in 1992 as a result of the care in the community scheme, and the forensic unit remained open until 2008. The people who used to live in the main hospital would have been those who now would be accommodated in specialist care homes, elderly care schemes, or supported housing services. They would typically have had dementia, schizophrenia, depression, personality disorders, PTSD or a combination of these.
    You may be able to find records at the Local History centre at Croydon Library, which you will need to make an appointment for.
    Thanks, Ali

  7. I am trying to find out about my uncle who was a resident at the hospital he was a world war one veteran I know he died there if you can give any information l would be grateful regards Mrs M Hicks

  8. My father Alcwyn Thomas was in Cane Hill at different times probably between 1972 to 1978. I would be very grateful to hear from anyone – staff or patient – who knows what life was like there at this time. Inparticular in that later period in 1978. He may have used his first name Thomas Thomas.

  9. My aunt was a patient for 35 years until leaving in 1991 when hospital closed. Think she was admitted 1956.
    We as a family have only found this out and would like to know more about her. Annie foley need Barton.

  10. My grandfather’s sister was here in 1800’s and died there I believe.
    Trying to find out more details please.
    Her name was Eliza Foskett

  11. Elizabeth Carter died at the hospital on 28th. December 1896. How can I fund out how she become a patient at the hospital. Who admitted her?
    I am researching my family history and Elizabeth is my missing link.
    Hoping you can help me with this matter.
    Regards Bruce Ripley

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