Newspaper articles/excerpts

Newspapers and journals have been of major use in my research – here are several excerpts and articles that may be of interest. Although this will never be a comprehensive collection of , this is a section that I wish to expand over time.

1882 advertisement for the post of Medical Superintendent.superintendant

1890s comment from an article on the London-Brighton Railway.


1890 analysis of the provision for mental healthcare in Londonbed deficiency

1930s account of an attempted escape from the hospital rcnarchive

1933 Book release by Medical Superintendent OP Napier Pearn.rcnarchive1933

1970s comment on the affect of visitors to schizophrenic patients


4 thoughts on “Newspaper articles/excerpts”

  1. Hello Ali

    I have just come across this site about Caine Hill. My father was a patient there, please could you let me know, if and how I can go about finding information on my father, who is now deceased. I do seem to have come up against a brick wall..
    Regards Louise

  2. Louise
    I was able to obtain information about a patient who died in Cane Hill from:
    Croydon Local Studies Library and Archives Service
    Central Library
    Katharine Street
    Croydon CR9 1ET
    Tel: 020 87266900 x 61112
    opening hours: Monday 10 – 1, 2-7; Wednesday 10 – 1, 2-6; Friday 10-1, 2-6; 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month 10 – 1, 2-5.
    As well as Sundays and Bank Holidays, we are currently closed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays.
    The above is from an email I received on 20 May 2013.

  3. My Grandmother Guiseppina Paolillo-ne Esposito died 1946 at Cane Hill. i have her Death Cert (Registration District. Surrey mid-eastern. Sub District Beddington & Coulsdon County of Surrey) signed by what looks like a- G A LILLY-States Chief Resident Officer The Hospital Croydon, who is he? When was she admitted, why, did she have visitors, who. Was her remains cremated or buried & exumed & reburied??? Would love any info.

  4. Hi D,

    I expect the GA Lilly to be Dr George Lilly, who was the Medical Superintendent of the hospital between 1915 and 1949. This was the most senior role of any staff member at this time. At this time, patients were buried in the Hospital’s cemetery on Brighton Road, which was exhumed when the land was redeveloped in the 1980s. Remains were moved to the Croydon Cemetery where there is a plaque commemorating the lives of these patients. The following link has more information:

    I unfortunately don’t have access to information about specific patients but hope that the above is of interest.

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