Other memories

Miguel Espino Medina

My memories are of hard work, bad pay and the difficulty of a new language, but at the same time happy ones. I recall things similar to what Ray wrote about. I started as a Porter in Salter ward. and later as an assistant nurse and worked in Wren Ward most of the time. I lived-in at the nurses home, I had some Spanish friends there at the time and one called Jesus Camargo who married an Irish girl, also a guy called Pat Lynch who had great stories from Australia, much older than me. Marcus Church was another guy who married a Spanish girl called Mercedes. My memory is not great at recalling names. there was a Greek chap Tom Gourus and his girl friend Maria Salonika – I think. I am 66 now and retired. I was back to visit Cane Hill in 1969 because mr. Heal, chief administrator there at the time and his daughter was married to a friend of mine and lived in the Canaries. That was the last time a saw Cane Hill standing. If I recall any strange story I’ll let you know. Thanks once again