Cane Hill Memories

The intention of this section is to collate memories from staff, patients and visitors to Cane Hill, in order to keep Cane Hill’s memory alive.

Please contact me if you would like to share your memories or photographs of Cane HillĀ on this website.

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6 thoughts on “Cane Hill Memories”

  1. I worked at cane hill from 1956 leaving as a charge nurse in september 1965. I thoroughly enjoyed those years and now find it extremely sad that the hospital has been razed. I well remember the time Dr Walk was locked in a ward during the night when found wandering the corridor by vanbrugh ward muttering to himself by a student nurse, he later praised the nurse for his dilligence

  2. i was in canehill as a patient on queens ward 1970/71. i was only 18yrs old and have many memories of some wonderful staff especially sister beecham, Staff nurse Pilgrim and staff nurse Hodgson. the hospital helped me at a time when i was feeling so suicidal. my doctor was Roderick-Evans. i feel so sad to see it has been left derelict.

  3. My Grandad was a patient in the 1950s. My Dad said he made him some wooden toys which he treasured. Can anyone shed a light or share some memories on the Occupational Therapy at Cane Hill and how patients were kept occupied?

  4. hi i lived at cane hill from 74 to 77 my dad was the fire chief who worked with ernie thownsend my brother robert and i lived in the house next to the mortuary the hospital was our playground and i went to smitham school where i met my childhood sweetheart jenny hart who i was lucky enough to meet up with again 30 years later we are still together but as for cane hill what a place i still cant find any pics online of my old house and from visits it is now gone but my memories are still fresh though

  5. Hi! I am just wondering, do any of ye know a man by the name of James (Jim/Jack) Carley. He was an Irishman who worked at Cane Hill who retired in the 80’s. I think he was charge nurse of nursing officer. He had his own house I’ve been told.

    If anybody could help, I’d appreciate it as he’s my grandfather.

  6. Would anybody out there remember my relative, Emily Dawes, a long-term resident of Cane Hill, who died in Farnborough Hospital in 1976? If anybody knows anything about this lady, I should be very grateful to hear from them.

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